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A highest court in a court system is also referred to as a .
The federal Constitution executive power in the President of the United States.
The first ten amendments to the federal Constitution were all in 1791.
The brought legal action against his employer
In criminal matters, as a general rule, the of proof is borne by the prosecution.
The judges said that the application must be supported by from a senior executive explaining why they need more time to comply with the court order.
The Jeopardy Clause says a defendant is prohibited from being tried more than once for the same crime.
A judge ruled that the trust was liable for the accident, and Mr Cowan was accordingly awarded $9,000 in .
When individuals create a power of , in most cases their signature on the form should be witnessed by a notary public.
In a partnership some of the owners do not participate in the management of the business, and are liable only to the extent of their capital contributions.
Owners of shares usually have greater rights to receive dividends than owners of ordinary shares.
Although you are a non-profit entity, you may not be for tax-exempt status.
The board of directors may take an official action if at least half of the board members are .
A director who breaches his duty may be sued by the shareholders.
A debtor secures a loan by pledging something of value as for the loan.
He is a secured creditor, and has a charge or claim against specified assets held by the company.
If you on mortgage payments, the bank will usually get in touch with you to quickly resolve the problem.
The insurable interest requirement prevents someone from a life insurance policy on a randomly selected person.
A customer may accuse a manufacturer or seller of engaging in transactions.
Many customers do not know how to their rights concerning a warranty or a service contract.
The International Covenants on Human Rights of 1966 are legally upon the signatories.
The premises of a diplomatic mission are .
A of some sort or another is absolutely necessary to the forming of a good contract.
The lawyer explained the possible tax treatments of legal fees by individuals.
The legal right to deal with the estate of someone who's died is called .
In their report, the committee said that the government's proposals to tackle climate change need to be tougher and legally .
Does your country have legislation that is designed specifically to phishing?
The Digital Millennium Copyright Act was passed in order to address concerns relating to copyright .
For almost 10 years, the cartelists carried out the most harmful anti-competitive practices, including .
A pregnant employee is not to be dismissed because of pregnancy or any reason connected with it.

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