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Ime i prezime:
Hello. I'm to meet you.
He works as engineer.
There are a lot of in my family.
Her husband meat.
My sister a cake yesterday.
they go to the cinema with you?
Pete is person I have ever met.
Julia goes to school bus.
you hold this for me, please?
Can I you to Mr Morrison?
These biscuits are made chocolate.
He drives a very car.
You haven't asked questions.
Please, don't be late. The train always leaves time.
He'll call you as soon as he from holiday.
The company was founded the early nineties.
Can you please turn the radio .I can't hear the news very well.
Shall we together?
I can't believe he me the secret!
I for this company for five years.
They to the museum several times this year.
You be a member to use the swimming pool - our centre is open to the general public.
English is difficult because of all the exceptions have to be learnt.
He has booked table for tonight.
Taxes recently.
The vacuum cleaner is again. I must find someone to repair it.
Their offices near the opera house.
If I more experience in this field, I could negotiate a higher salary.
Did you have to buy expensive piece of jewellery?
Unless some extra money is found, the theatre
Dave was as a baggage handler at the airport.
Everybody wanted to know why late.
She said she as soon as she came home.
It's hard to say if it was a good decision house.
Very people know the history of this town.
He promised Susan his younger sister to the party.
We are hoping with this situation soon.
Everyone was surprised to retire.
Her roommate, was married to an Italian for three years, might be able to help her with the translation.
business with you has been a pleasure
When you arrange to meet someone, it's a good idea to send an e-mail to the date and time of your meeting.
I had to make with my doctor one week in advance.
Don't worry, we're used to our budgets.
Ronald Reagan was first President in 1980.
It's getting difficult to meet the deadlines.
Nobody else has been told he's coming ?
Try to avoid talking to him today. He looks really .
you possibly come home a bit earlier this time?
He reminds me my father.
I don't want to discourage you the contract.
Actually, it was a highly matter.
It was believed that he would govern the country in a very way.
One in five modern children suffers an allergic reaction.
Had he the offer he would have become a regional manager.
When the space station is completed, it will be the first time astronauts will be able to work in space comfortably.
Their lifestyle is quite luxurious, if you consider that they make than 20,000 pounds a year.
You're nearly 27 years old. It's time you .
It wasn't an easy situation you .
I'm afraid I must insist with me, sir.
They are a business - they sell direct to the public.
The company is so successful thanks to its excellent .
Julia has been offered a position as Vice President of our parent company and is after more than 10 years with DMT.
In Britain, education is between the ages of 5 and 16.
In 2000-2001, more than a third of the of children aged 7 to 15 was on food and soft drinks.
Under no circumstances attempt this on your own.
If oil prices continue to wildly, it will affect most economies.
I'm afraid his knowledge of the issue is only .
He set up a new company, which did well for a while.
In general I agree with Dr Hardy, but I would like to one of the points in his article.
Fortunately profits have this year.

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