Test Your English for Finance

Choose the best word or phrase to complete the gap. / Izaberite odgovarajuću opciju za svaku rečenicu.

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1. You can set up a ______ online to pay your insurance, TV licence, utility bills and much more.
2. The primary aim of our financial management is to ______ liquidity in the company at a level that is adequate to meet our obligations.
3. They want to ______ the loan from the existing properties they own.
4. If we need to ______ capital and are not successful in doing so, we will have to consider other options.
5. An auditor's job is to investigate company accounts to check if they are true and ______.
6. Depending on the size of the overdraft ______, the bank may require the SME to provide some security.
7. A banker's reference is a report issued by a bank stating the ______ of a particular customer.
8. The acronym IFRS stands for:
9. We have ______ the figures by sector for easier analysis.
10. If you would like to ______ travel expenses, please complete and return this form, along with any tickets or receipts, to us.
11. The country is facing a serious ______ problem, as export figures so far in the current fiscal year have been overestimated by $3 billion.
12. ______ markets won't recover in the short term.
13. If demand for a product is buoyant, it is:
14. If someone uses a technique of hedging, they want to:
15. Always make sure you are able to ______ all your liabilities.
16. Don't ______ your credit.
17. In accounting, the term associated with estimated, predetermined costs is:
18. If a company is a going concern, it:
19. He hasn't made any insurance claims for a year, so he has earned a ______.
20. The term we use for situations when the service or contract terms are carried out first and then the payment is made is:
21. Our profits in the ______ have been slightly higher.
22. Managers often attempt to plan for any ______ that they feel may occur with any significant likelihood.
23. Pension income is normally ______ to ensure that its purchasing power is not eroded by inflation.
24. The building is insured ______ £100,000.
25. A small business owner has to know the difference between ______ and capital allowances.
26. If an employer reimburses an employee for all or part of his or her health insurance premiums, the employer
27. An industry or a business process which requires substantial amounts of money or other financial resources to produce a good or service is called:
28. The euro is currently at 1.30 ______ the dollar.
29. Awards by an employer to an employee from a staff suggestion scheme are generally ______ on condition that the award does not exceed £5,000.
30. ______ is a document that is issued to a customer listing all transactions undertaken over a given period of time.
31. In accounting, the term overheads refers to: