Test Your General English

Choose the best word or phrase to complete the gap. / Izaberite odgovarajuću opciju za svaku rečenicu.

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1. Hello. I'm _________ to meet you.
2. He works as ________ engineer.
3. There are a lot of ________ in my family.
4. Her husband ________ meat.
5. My sister ______ a cake yesterday.
6. ________ they go to the cinema with you?
7. Pete is ________ person I have ever met.
8. Julia goes to school ________ bus.
9. ________ you hold this for me, please?
10. Can I ________ you to Mr Morrison?
11. These biscuits are made ________ chocolate.
12. He drives a very __________ car.
13. You haven't asked ________ questions.
14. Please, don't be late. The train always leaves ________ time.
15. He'll call you as soon as he ________ from holiday.
16. The company was founded ________ the early nineties.
17. Can you please turn the radio ________. I can't hear the news very well.
18. Shall we ________ together?
19. I can't believe he ________ me the secret!
20. I ________ for this company for five years.
21. They ________ to the museum several times this year.
22. You ________ be a member to use the swimming pool - our center is open to the general public.
23. English is difficult because of all the exceptions ________ have to be learnt
24. He has booked _______ table for tonight.
25. Taxes ________ recently.
26. The vacuum cleaner is ________ again. I must find someone to repair it.
27. Their offices ________ near the opera house.
28. If I ________ more experience in this field, I could negotiate a higher salary.
29. Did you have to buy ________ expensive piece of jewellery?
30. Unless some extra money is found, the theatre ________.
31. Dave was ________ as a baggage handler at the airport.
32. Everybody wanted to know why ________ late.
33. She said she ________ as soon as she came home.
34. It's hard to say if it was a good decision ________ house.
35. Very ________ people know the history of this town.
36. He promised Susan ________ his younger sister to the party.
37. We are hoping ________ with this situation soon.
38. Everyone was surprised ________ to retire.
39. Her roommate, ________ was married to an Italian for three years, might be able to help her with the translation.
40. ________ business with you has been a pleasure.
41. When you arrange to meet someone, it's a good idea to send an e-mail to ________ the date and time of your meeting.
42. I had to make ________ with my doctor one week in advance.
43. Don't worry, we're used to _______ our budgets.
44. Ronald Reagan was first ________ President in 1980.
45. It's getting ________ difficult to meet the deadlines.
46. Nobody else has been told he's coming, ________?
47. Try to avoid talking to him today. He looks really ________.
48. ________ you possibly come home a bit earlier this time?
49. He reminds me ________ my father.
50. I don't want to discourage you ________ the contract.
51. Actually, it was a highly ________ matter.
52. It was believed that he would govern the country in a very ________ way.
53. One in five modern children suffers _______ an allergic reaction.
54. Had he _________ the offer he would have become a regional manager.
55. When the space station is completed, it will be the first time ________ astronauts will be able to work in space comfortably.
56. Their lifestyle is quite luxurious, if you consider that they make ________ than 20,000 pounds a year.
57. You're nearly 27 years old. It's time you ________.
58. It wasn't an easy situation you ________.
59. I'm afraid I must insist ________ with me, sir.
60. They are a ________ business - they sell direct to the public.
61. The company is so successful thanks to its excellent ________.
62. Julia has been offered a position as Vice President of our parent company and is ________ after more than 10 years with DMT.
63. In Britain, education is ________ between the ages of 5 and 16.
64. In 2000-2001, more than a third of the ________ of children aged 7 to 15 was on food and soft drinks.
65. Under no circumstances ________ attempt this on your own.
66. If oil prices continue to ________ wildly, it will affect most economies.
67. I'm afraid his knowledge of the issue is only ________.
68. He set up a new company, which did _________ well for a while.
69. In general I agree with Dr Hardy, but I would like to ________ one of the points in his article.
70. Fortunately profits have ________ this year.